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Raptor Red by Robert T. Bakker

May 10, 2019



Okay, I admit this is an older book, I recall listening to a cassette version of this one summer doing some sort of yard chore as a kid…. (so 15 or so years ago and it was well worn then)

And it has always stuck in my head. It was right around the time I first watched Jurassic Park and I loved it. I loved everything about it, the movie and later the book which made the dinosaurs so much more real to me, imaginable really. A point of view to imagine from their perspective.

The author actually worked on Jurassic Park!

So if you love books from the point of view of animals, you might love Raptor Red! She’s a loving and lovable raptor! A mighty female pinnacle of empowerment! The book follows Red as she goes through normal dinosaur things, hunting and such before tragedy strikes! She loses a mate and hunting partner and must find a new path of survival… One of the few books I have read multiple times!

5 Stars!



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