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Dealing with Change

November 14, 2014

As you probably already know, we are upgrading our library catalog.  Of course, even in this world of eat, drink, and sleep technology, these upgrades wont happen in the blink of an eye.  So while the software adjust to its new library home, we hope that you will be patient with us as we learn to adjust as well.

You will be able to check the library catalog here and at home, searching for the latest best sellers or your favorite film.  You can still access your account to see what you have checked out, put on hold, or if you have fines (anything you check out during the week of November 14-19 you will not see in your account).

Starting today, November 14 through November 19, our library staff will only be able to check items out to you with your library card.  We cannot check items in, place things on hold, take care of fines or lost items, issue library cards, renew items….whew!  There are many functions that we will not be able to perform.  We can, however, welcome you with a smile and say hello, offer you a hot cup of coffee, help you get online, recommend a good book on CD or movie, show you where the comfy seating area is with many magazines for you to read, invite you to Lego Club…..

We are so much more than just books and movies!  We’re your community meeting place, your hot spot for what’s new and different.  Come on in out of the cold and stay awhile.

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