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The Kindle: camping headlamp *still* required

October 18, 2009

Well I just finished my first book on the Kindle. I was eager to try the new gadget as we were going camping and I hoped to read late into the night without a headlamp squeezing my brain!

I had downloaded with amazing ease Dan Brown’s new book The Lost Symbol in just moments and couldn’t wait to get started. What a big surprise I got when I discovered that the Kindle did not light up at all. NO BACKLIT SCREEN, how is that possible? But it is. I still needed the assistance of my trusty headlamp.

I enjoyed the ability to enlarge the font size to just what I required to read with ease, as I am quite visually impaired…another joy of growing older….but selecting the second to largest font size limited my page on the 6” display screen to just a little over a paragraph. This really slowed me down…the constant clicking to get to the next paragraph was frustrating. If you are a skimmer of pages like me, this will drive you crazy. It took me twice as long to read the darn book. I am aware that the Kindle has a larger version, where the screen is 9.7” on the diagonal. This is probably a better fit for my required font size however the price of $489.00 doesn’t fit my wallet…besides I hear this one is not backlit either.

I’m sure this e-book works for some people. But for me it’s not ready for prime time. If you’d like to try it, please contact our library for more details. We were able to purchase the Kindle and load it with some books due to the generosity of the Golden Living Center here in Fort Atkinson. Go ahead and try it. You might have a different opinion!

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