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Heartless by Marissa Meyer

January 27, 2017


I love how she brings a completely new twist on fairy tales (Lunar Series) and branches out into more classic children’s stories and revamps them for an older audience. We still love to read them but the retelling is often overdone. Marissa spins the stories in amazing new ways, adding a new level of technology to the world, placing the characters all over the world.

It is a YA book, but I’ve enjoyed all of her books nonetheless. I would classify it as dramatic romance with baking references. There isn’t much blood or ‘gore’, only a few fight scenes with Carroll’s legendary Jabberwocky. Honestly, the only thing that really bothered me about the book was the romance aspect of it. It seems all YA books for girls focus on finding a boy, falling in love, etc. Instead of the act of doing something, adventurous. However, this still had plenty of action. I just wish that was the forefront instead of the subplot.


Heartless it is the prequel to Alice in Wonderland story wise.

As a Young Adult book it focuses on the young Red queen, before she was a queen. I loved how the story started, it was a perfect Wonderland spin off.

Catherine, our soon-to-be villain, paints the perfect picture of bad things happening in perfect sequence to completely alter someone’s life.

She is sole heir to her parent’s land and title. Her mother, closer to the queen we know in Alice in Wonderland, constantly criticizes her fashion and food choices. As well as her friends and suitors, really, her entire life and how she lives it.

Catherine is dedicated to her baking, also disapproved by her mother, but she thrives and practices her skill despite all her parent’s protests.

The king seeks her affection, despite her dreaming of a true love, with lemon trees growing from her dreams. Her friend, Mary Ann, is a servant of the household. (sound like a familiar name?) And a secret plot sprouts up from Chess, possibly involving Catherine. The Hatter before he goes mad and curious riddles makes for the most delightful tea party.

If you like Alice in Wonderland, you may love this book. Overall, I enjoyed this despite the small hangup I had early on.



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