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Just the right book

August 4, 2017

My husband and I just got home from a 2-week trip to Alaska.  We visited 8 cities and also spent time at Denali National Park.  Because I love to see other libraries (as most librarians do) I also convinced my husband to stop at 2 in Alaska.  I love the library that I work at but something about a library nestled at the foot of a beautiful mountain made the library in Haines very appealing!vendorimagesJans_WolfCalledRomeo_02._CB350838642_

Before I left, I was looking for the perfect book to read during the trip.  I settled on A Wolf Called Romeo by Nick Jans.  Set in Juneau, in the Mendenhall Glacier area, this book tells a remarkable true story.  Romeo is a lone, black wolf that starts to visit the people that live in this area.  He begins interacting with dogs and their owners that hike near the glacier.  Little by little, some members of the community begin to seek out this wolf and eventually name him.  As time goes by worries about what could go wrong develop when crowds start to gather for a glimpse or photo of the wolf.  As we were on a tour through Denali National Park, I saw how established rules are implemented daily to keep animals from becoming too comfortable around people.  Even though we all enjoyed seeing a variety of wildlife, it is important for the safety of the animals and people to make this a priority.  While in Juneau, I thought about how amazing it was that this wolf had lived on the edges of this community and engaged with its residents and their dogs for 6 years. It was the perfect book to read while traveling through this beautiful state! Even if you have never been to Alaska, I would recommend this book.  I tells a great story on the importance of respect and preservation of wildlife.

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