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Ravina the Witch? by Junko Mizuno

May 4, 2018


This book is a cross between adult content picture book and graphic novel. The artwork drew me to this book, as I waited for it on hold patiently.

I read it in one sitting, which played to the books type.


The text itself seems to be secondary to the beautifully done pictures, with outstanding details and an artistic perception to the world.

It read very much like a child’s story, with a few adult content plot twists pertaining to spanking…. people…

Honestly I found the content so clashing with the narrative, it took me out of the story world and I had to make sure I didn’t miss something or stumble into another book.

Getting past that however, the book was interesting and kept my attention while I read it.

I did enjoy it overall, and congratulate its unique narrative.



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