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October 21, 2009

I turned over a new leaf in April and chose not to get a converter box for my ancient TV.   It has been a successful experiment in time management and lifestyle change.   Since I can still use my video/DVD player, I put on hold or checkout four to five videos/DVDs at the library each week (all free, all the time!)  Some weeks I only end up watching a few, but I have found some real gems worth mentioning in this blog.

The Visitor: rated PG -13 Video release date: October 2008

This is a subtle and thoughtful film that draws you in slowly, even somewhat predictably, yet surprises you along the way.  The main character, a college professor, is blanketed in a malaise that he can not get out from under.  It is not until he unexpectedly crosses paths with a multicultural couple that his passion for life is awakened. The story unfolds to reveal the complexity of  the world be live in now for all the characters.  The basic desire for hope is what connects them to each other.  This same desire is what connects the viewer to this story too.  The New York Times had another insightful review you might want to check out.

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