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My Reading History

August 7, 2013

Redhead SSOne thing I forgot to mention (!) in my last post regarding tools that you can use to help you remember things is our SHARE system’s ‘My Reading History’ service.  Once enabled, you can keep track of what you’ve checked out in the past.  That way if you can’t remember if you read something, the system will allow you to check to see BEFORE you take it home and get halfway through the first chapter.

It’s important to point out that due to privacy considerations, we do NOT track people’s reading history as the default.  In fact, libraries in this country have long been champions of privacy rights of individuals.  That’s particularly important to note in today’s world not only from a government surveillance standpoint but also from a commercial standpoint where so much of a person’s life is sold in an effort to collect marketing data.  Libraries believe that a person’s speech, research and exploration are private and that this privacy is critical to a democratic society.  You can read more about the issue of privacy and how that intersects with libraries here.  In Wisconsin, there is a state law that requires confidentiality of library records.  In short, we take your privacy very seriously.

But you might want to remember what you’ve read!  If that’s the case, we do offer a service called “My Reading History.”  It can be turned on and off…at your direction.  You can log into the system, go to your library account, and then look at your past checkouts.   It only lists them from the time you enable the service until the time you disable the service.  So you have full control of your list.

If you are interested in this service, please talk with a library staffer!

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