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So what should I read next?

October 10, 2011

That’s a common question in our library.  We *love* that question.  Our staff members read a lot and they are always happy to share recommendations.  If you want more ideas, there’s an endless supply in many places.  In fact, it can be overwhelming.  So here’s a short list of places you can go for ideas on what to read next.

On a Clear Day I can Read Forever  this blog is expertly written/produced by Nancy Pate.  Nancy describes herself  as a  reader, writer, recovering  journalist, and book critic for Orlando Sentinel 1985-2005, when lupus forced her to stop working.  Nancy mostly reads fiction but does review some memoirs and essays.  I love the way Nancy writes.

The Story Siren features mainly young adult literature. Reviews, interviews, giveaways, book news, and anything else that strikes the fancy of the blogger, Kristi from Indiana.   I have always enjoyed reading literature written especially for teens.  I think writing for that audience is much harder to do well than writing for adults.  If you want to try reading a young adult book, give this website a look.

Cindy Reads… a lot!  I enjoy her selection of books.  It makes me want to read more.

IndieBound is a fabulous resource created by independent bookstores.  This website not only gives you great reading ideas, it also links you to places where you can buy that are independently owned.  For example, our very own fantastic bookstore in Fort Atkinson…

The Velveteen Rabbit Book Shop is a great resource of events, specials, and ideas for reading.  Be sure to check out the staff picks.

She is too fond of books…and it has addled her brain is so much fun.  How can you not smile at a blog with this title?  This one includes children’s books too.  But it also ad-heavy.

And, of course, there’s Book Page.  This is the digital resource created by the folks who publish the hard copy newspaper we distribute for readers in our library.  I’m a big fan of their author interviews, which the website has in abundance.  Reading about the author always makes me want to read the book!

Need more ideas?  You’ll find a short list of book blogs mentioned in the Wall Street Journal by Cynthia Crossen here.

If you have a favorite blog, feel free to comment about it here.   Sharing your favorites is much appreciated by readers who are looking for great reading ideas.  Blog authors also love the traffic to their website.

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