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Rust & Stardust by T. Greenwood

May 15, 2019



This is a crazy good book!

A fictionalized account of what (could have) happened in the true events of 1948, New Jersey that helped to inspire the characters of the scandalous Lolita book by Vladimir Nabokov.

It follows the separate strings of the kidnap victim, her mother with a pain condition that forces her to rely heavily on her naive but book smart daughter. The POV switches between many others deeply wounded by her kidnapping, Sally’s sister as well as her brother in law to give up a kaleidoscope style vision of what was happening at home with her gone at the same time as her terrifying venture across several states.

The author suggests brutal things, but leaves the thought hanging without the abrasive conclusion other author’s may have tried bringing it to a much darker level. The abuse is left unsaid it equally as chilling, guiding the narrative with a gentle hand to the gritty level but avoiding becoming obscene.


In a day and age of today, it is heartbreaking to think such terrible things had to happen in order for our society to learn from the mistakes we didn’t know where possible.


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