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A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

May 7, 2018

By George R. R. Martin.


First let me say that I love the fact there is an adult book with illustrations!!!! They are both realistic and metaphorical many times, but seeing a dragon in a tree is still cool, even if it is only representing the Targaryen house.

The book itself, I found enjoyable. It was about half the size of the other Game of Thrones books, which I found encouraging before I even read the first page.

The story takes place about a century before we know the realm, before the Mad King and the Lannister house became feared. Long before the Starks and Baratheons became friends, or any of the drama we know has began to shift into place.

The story begins on a sorrowful note, but it sets the high standard our fumbling hero, Dunk, holds himself to. Despite being from Flea Bottom, finds himself an upstanding, if still lowly, hedge knight.

His character is likable, a Westerosi underdog, who somehow kept his morals. Which were taught to him from his old, lovable hedge knight he squired to.

His adventures are entertaining as they are chivalrous, upholding the old ways of a knight, even as it fades away.

I should note that I adore backstories, so I loved this collection of short stories about Dunk and his mysterious squire, Egg.

If you also enjoy backstories, consider trying this short-hand version of Game of Thrones, with a fresh view on the land and history.


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