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The Girl With All the Gifts

February 18, 2017

by M. R. Carey.


I’ve just learned that it is soon to be released in a movie this month! (Feb. 24th is it’s release date.)

This book, without giving too much away, was pretty good. I found the concept amazing, and the beginning chapters unusual and intriguing. It’s a decently long book, at 460 pages, and took me awhile to read, to no fault of the book however.

The writing is more simplistic when from written from the point of view of the main character, Melanie who is a child, although unusual. Through-out the book we switch to other point of views and various characters which broadens the understanding of the character’s motivations and general world understanding.

Plot wise, I found it a new twist on the typical post-apocalypse story. The characters were solid and some surprising backstories made them feel like friends, confessing a great burden they carry with.

I liked it overall, the middle was a bit slow for me, but I was also reading it before bed so it might be purely my lack of focus.

Without giving too much away from the story, it focuses on a fungal parasite that has infected the majority of the world. The setting is in England, but the small community has not been in touch with the main city in some time, leaving us to wonder if they are dead or the radio signals have gone dark.

As we continue through the story, we find different levels of infection, or different ways the infected respond to the fungus. It reminded me a new spin on zombies, making them victims and attackers in one. They are used as hosts for the fungus as it grows and destroys the bodies of its victims.

The group eventually leaves the base camp and roaming unprotected in the world is hazardous as supplies run low.

By the end of it, I absolutely loved it and cannot wait for the movie’s release.

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