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July 19, 2019

Heroine by Mindy McGinnisheroine


A rather dark young adult book, but also a great read for any adult!

The main character, Micki, is a star softball player in high school, excited to start the season and praying to get a scholarship for college. Her best friend, also on the softball team, is as driven as Micki and it works well as a softball pitcher/catcher team.

This all changes with a car accident.

And then it gets worse.

The opening line is so dramatic, immediately pulling you into her world.

“I woke up an all of my friends are dead.”


Woah, right?

After the accident, she is given pain killers. But they run out and she found that she likes the high better than anything else.


Honestly, the story itself is good and the message is great… but I was disappointed overall. I suppose the general theme was a question of why one person can use pills fine and why others become addicted. (as the story compares Micki to her pitcher/sober friend) And why the pills lead to harder drugs, like heroin.

Micki has pins in her hip bone and while one the pills, over exerts herself….. and somehow manages to heal ahead of time and better than the doctors have thought possible….

This is where my interest waned.

As someone who has gone through physical therapy and deals with chronic pain, I can tell you it does not work that way.

So the story continues and Micki falls deeper and deeper into her addiction and lies. She steals from her parents and step mother, a recovering addict and new mother, lies to everyone she knows.

I was hoping the book would have been more about the tug between pain, the fear of pain and the fact relief comes in a pill. But that was my hope for it. The recovery and thoughts seemed too… contrived for me to feel immersed in the book.

The way it is written, it is a good what if? To open a dialog hopefully for both sides of the coin and give each a window to the other’s thoughts…. although I wish the author would have done some more research or talked to people to give it a more realistic sheer. Still a great read, although maybe have a happy book to read afterwards!


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