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What We Do in the Shadows – DVD

August 25, 2018


In a parody documentary, “What We Do in the Shadows”, a film crew follows a flat of vampires in New Zealand, in a vein of reality star housemate shows. It IS rated R for sexual content, mature language and (of course) bloody content.

The oldest, most powerful vampire lives in the basement crypt of the house, Petyr. The newest of the vampires, Deacon, turned during WW2 and is also the most immature and messiest of the group, is terrified of Petyr and does his best to avoid him.

Viago, 16th century vampire aristocrat and often found trying to boss the others around. Vladislav, a medieval noble who is cruel, and the bloodthirsty killer among the group.

The movie tells of their day to day, stuck in their own times and cultures of the past, while navigating the trials of modern day. They also have a human slave of sorts, Jackie,  whom is utterly infatuated with becoming a vampire herself. She does the daily chores and of course lures victims inside for the vampires.

The movie shows blood but I wouldn’t say in a gory way like a stereotypical horror movie, but more in a comedic way to deal with an unsavory vampire diet. Deacon has promised to change her and uses that to manipulate her to their bidding.

On one particularly normal evening, Jackie brings over a couple, Nick and Josephine. The night goes awry and Nick is drained by Petyr, and turned into a vampire.

Naturally as a newly turned vampire, Nick is the most impulsive and most culturally adept of them. He brings his friend Stu in and after he introduces the older ones to new technology, they form a pact not to eat him! How sweet, right? Nick has a slight punk attitude and continually stirs up trouble between the vampires and the local werewolf gang. Boisterous as well, Nick tells everyone he meets about his new found powers and accidentally blabs to a vampire hunter, whom breaks into the house!

I won’t give any spoilers away, so we will skip into the next plot point.

We learn of a highly anticipated night, Unholy Masquerade, a giant party for all kinds of undead. Which is the highlight on top of the perfect “reality show” parody.

Check this DVD out for a funny take on a gruesome tale!

It’s one of my favorites!


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