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This is what encouragement looks like!

May 31, 2012

I recently read two of the most positive, uplifting books ever.  They are written by  Regina Brett.  I heard an interview with her on Wisconsin Public Radio with Ben Merens just before Christmas.  She was an inspirational speaker.  I was sure I would love her books, but had absolutely no extra time to read a book as  I was too busy shopping, baking and writing Christmas cards.   I wish I had stopped the mad rushing around and read them then, rather than just adding them to my lengthy list of books to read.  I finally sat down and read them and have since reread them, savoring the lessons.  These books are what encouragement looks like!  I’ve given these books to friends who needed a lift as  they struggled through the most challenging detours of their life, battling cancer.  None of us were disappointed with the books.  Regina’s journey through life has been filled with ups and downs just as most of our lives are.  Each one of us carries a burden of some kind.  Regina was able to work through the burdens and challenges and share with us, the readers, her gift of looking at life with a new, enlightened perspective.  In Regina’s own words, her “vocation is to inspire people through writing.  That is the place where my greatest joy and the world’s greatest need meet.  I write to make people feel less alone (p. 62 of God Never Blinks).”    Her  lessons originally appeared in her column in the Cleveland Plain Dealer and have since been published in these books.   I treasure her wisdom, and am so grateful for Regina’s insights.  She has seen me through difficult times and inspired me to be a part of the solution.  If you need to step back and gain a new perspective, check out one of these books from the Dwight Foster Public LibraryGod Never Blinks: 50 life lessons for life’s little detours and Be the Miracle: 50 lessons for making the impossible possible.   Either one of these books would make an awesome graduation gift as well.

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