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BookMyne smart phone app allows library access

December 13, 2011

BookMyne is a neat app that allows you to search the library’s catalog and access your library account via your smart phone.  It’s available to download for the Apple iPhone (iOS) and all Android phones via their respective markets.  Until recently, the Android version was still in Beta.  (Translation:  you could expect it to be somewhat buggy.)

Last week the vendor (SirsiDynix) announced that the software was upgraded and it was no longer in Beta.  While it is still not perfect, it is much improved and I feel fairly comfortable encouraging users to try it, in either version.  I’ve seen both the iOS and the Android.  The Apple iOS is more polished looking and works better.  I guess that’s to be expected; it’s been around longer.  But the Android version works well for most things now.

BookMyne home screen

After you download it, you can select your library.  It does give you a list of nearby libraries, so that makes it fairly easy to select the Dwight Foster Public Library and then access the catalog and your account (assuming you aren’t on vacation in some tropical paradise when you do this step) simply by entering your library card number and PIN.

The app has some neat features, including an interface with a social site for readers called Goodreads.   It also displays the number of issues that need attention (for example overdues to return or holds to pick up)  by displaying a red number in the “My Account” area on the home screen.  In the image above, their are 12 such items.   Pretty nifty way to remember that you need to get to the library!

Please let us know if you have any questions or issues.

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  1. Cassandra Jacobs permalink
    December 21, 2011 2:24 pm

    OK, Connie — you’ve convinced me to read your pick . . . and I even have it in the high school library! (It’s checked out . . . I’ll have to wait my turn.) I didn’t have a favorite for 2011 (there were so many, I couldn’t choose), but my 2010 pick is still noteworthy: “The House of Tomorrow” by Peter Bognanni. It is, of course, a young adult novel — is there any other kind?! :)

    — Cassandra Jacobs, Librarian, FAHS

  2. December 21, 2011 3:08 pm

    Hi Cassandra!

    For some reason your comment appeared on the post about the BookMyne App. Not sure why that’s so but I’m glad you are going to read the book. It’s actually staffer (YA librarian), Melissa Rader’s favorite book not mine, but I guess I better get in line to read it! I agree with you, I love YA books. They *always* make me think.

    Take care,

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