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The Ice Dragon by George R. R. Martin (Kids Book)

August 25, 2018


The Ice Dragon by George R. R. Martin

This book features Adara, a young girl who believes in ice dragons to the point of obsession. Her entire life, year by year, circles around the arrival of the ice dragon with the coldest winds of winter.

I’m not sure timeline wise where this fits in, but I speculate it is before the fall of Valyeria or at least around the time of his other book, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, as there is a war in the background featuring dragon riders on both sides. I’m sure if I delved into the fandom of GoT I could tell you, but I’ll leave some mystery for you to figure out on your own.

Adara is a cold girl. Not cruel, but not happy either. She rarely smiled in the summer and preferred to play by herself. Her father is a farmer and her two older siblings live their own lives but Adara seems removed from it all. Her mother died giving birth to her, despite the giant fire roaring in the room and the heavy blankets around her, and it reached Adara and absorbed into her, even her skin was cold.

The story grows darker as the war looms closer until the day it reaches their farm.  Even in the peaceful times, her father always spent more time with her older sister and brother, leaving her to entertain herself. Not in a cruel way, her father loved her dearly, but he felt she could not love anyone because the winter had reached her, changing her before the start. Her brother entertained her stories of the ice dragon every winter, but doubted them in realty. After all, Adara is only four the first time, and 6 or 7 when the war falls into their backyard.

When her father tries to send her with a dragon rider to safety, she runs away, deep into the forest and to the coldest cave she knew. It was many months until winter came and she feared how she would survive.

It gets a bit dark for a time for a kids book, but the ending is happy overall.

A great quick read for any Game of Thrones fan!!!



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