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Garden of Letters

September 3, 2015

Cover image for The garden of letters : a novel

I just read a beautifully written book, The Garden of Letters by Alyson Richman.  It was recommended to me by a coworker.  Once I opened it up I was immediately captivated by the people and their struggle to survive during war times in Italy.  The main character, Elodie, is a young woman who is drawn into the Italian resistance forces during World War II.  Her exceptional gifts; an incredible memory for detail and her musical talent with a cello, play a significant role in aiding the partisans in occupied Italy.  The book also tells another story of a young man, Angelo, who is sent to serve as a Doctor in Ethiopia during Italy’s invasion of that country.  Elodie and Angelo’s stories are joined by love and war.  This is a beautiful love story.  This is not just a story of love for one’s soul mate but for one’s country and a way of life that is being forever altered by war. The description of music is truly breathtaking.  It was so moving it got me to sit down at my long neglected piano and play again.  This is a story that lingers on with me.  May it linger with you too.

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