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The Elizas – Sara Shepard

August 25, 2018



I know Sara Shepard’s work through the popular show and Young Adult book series entitled Pretty Little Liars.

This is an adult book, completely separate from her previous novels, although it still has the air of the series in it.

The plot follows Eliza, a newly published author who is awaiting her book actually coming out. The chapters flip between her own life and that of her book. Eliza wakes up after a night of drinking to find herself hooked up to hospital machines. It is clear that her family is very concerned, but also unbelieving as her symptoms are identical to those of her brain tumor that had been dealt with previously in the year (or at least recently).

The book she has written is eerily similar to the things we know about her thus far, and through her book we learn more and more about Eliza.

It’s a thiller book without the gore, although she is quiet promiscuous at times, it’s a pretty tame book overall.

Personally, I couldn’t stand the main character, she was a good character, I think it’s more of the personality I clashed with. It made an interesting anti hero I thought for she wasn’t the villain in any other way than her own life, amid her drinking choices and continual drinking even knowing she should not. But what’s a character without some real life flaws? It made her seem real, which I loved.

The end is quiet the twist!

While the story and chapters continue, I found myself more drawn to the book version of Eliza, younger and not grown into herself yet. Being tugged in many different directions by her influential family member bulldozing her sister into conforming to her wishes constantly. If anything went awry, she would fly into hysterics until everyone apologized, groveling for forgiveness really.

What I loved about this book, was the overall content. It is not a very publicized illness and more people should be aware of it’s reality.


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