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Tails from the library

June 30, 2011

I learned something today while volunteering at the 2nd floor Research Desk at the library – actually I learn something each time I volunteer but it occurred to me that this little tidbit might actually be helpful to someone else out there. A woman requested my help in finding several books about training search and rescue dogs. She had identified two books that we quickly located in the share catalog – and they both were housed in the juvenile non-fiction 636.7 section (or so I thought). I am still pretty new and uncertain of the various locations so I did a little “happy dance” that the two books would be neighbors. After locating the first book – I was unable to find the second. The kind woman stated that she believed the 2nd book was actually in the ADULT non-fiction 636.7 section (oops – I had not paid attention to that particular important detail). Low and behold – she was right! The “ah-ha” moment was that both books had the same call number even though they were in different locations in the library. . .the common denominator is that 636.7 means dogs! I am pretty certain that this is something I should have picked up over my 47.8 years but I am glad to know it now!

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