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Live in the Library

May 16, 2014

As we approach graduation time, I wanted to share a couple of interesting things I recently found. The first is a book called What I Wish for You by Patti Digh. This book is a collection of stories and essays written by Patti and followers of her blog, She compiled all of these writings as her daughter was graduating from high school. One of the pieces, written by Celeste Tibbets, caught my eye because it is titled “Live in the Library.” It starts by saying, “bring a pillow if they’ll let you,” and goes on to advise you to “become deep read, crazy deep read, and uniquely read.” This includes exploring areas and collections in the library that you normally wouldn’t look at. My favorite part is at the very end. The writer says, “Make friends with the librarians. Live there. Until they make you leave. And then come back again as soon as you can.”
I can definitely see the benefit of being well read, think of all the things you could learn and enjoy! Have you ever considered that there could be health benefits as well? According to an article from the May 2014 issue of Nature’s Pathways magazine, there could be. One of the health benefits can be stress reduction. Engaging in a good book can help us relax and if you read before bed it can also help you get a good night’s rest.
I plan to share this advice with my niece as she graduates this year. This is also great advice for anyone young or old. So go visit your library, explore it and become “crazy deep read.” Yes, we do make you leave when the library closes for the day but we also welcome you back with a smile when we open for the next day.

Live in Library

Talk about attached, I could not put this book down!

April 4, 2014

attachment coverOne of our library patrons has become a good friend of mine. We not only share the same first name but also share similar taste in books.On a recent visit to the library, she recommended that I read Attachments by Rainbow Rowell. I finished it over a weekend and thoroughly enjoyed this contemporary romance novel.

This is not your typical love-at-first-sight story. “It’s love even before that.” You probably are asking yourself how is that possible. Trust me, it is! Lincoln, the protagonist in this story, is the third shift Internet Security Officer at a newspaper. Part of his job is to monitor employee emails that are red flagged for their use of unacceptable terminology. Two first shift employees, Beth and Jennifer, turn up regularly in Lincoln’s “webfence” folder. He can’t bring himself to turn the women in for their inappropriate use of the office internet.

Lincoln is drawn into their lives and looks forward to each email exchange. He finds himself caught up in their continual banter. Lincoln falls hard for Beth, an employee he has never met and who’s never met him. He loves her for her words, her thoughts, her witty view of the world and her tender care for her friend, Jennifer. Will Lincoln and Beth ever meet? Read the book! Find out if there is a happy ending to this romance with a modern twist.

The other sister in the attic

March 5, 2014

Most of us have read at some time in our lives Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl. We all remember Anne! But do you recall Anne’s older sister Margot? To be honest, I didn’t. The historical fiction book I read recently titled MargotMargot by Jillian Cantor puts a new twist on Margot Frank’s story as if she did not die in the concentration camp. To cope with her past Margot attempts to recreate herself in America. Margot longs to become someone new, free of her Jewish faith and her tragic history. She calls herself Margie Franklin. She lives in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love and works for a Jewish law firm. No one knows her history. No one has seen her tattooed arm with her number from the concentration camp. Her true identity remains hidden, under her fabrications and her long sleeve sweater. Margot’s struggle to retain this mask overwhelms her when the diary her sister Anne wrote, while hiding in the attic, is published by her father, Otto Frank and shortly thereafter the movie is released. In the end Margie’s truth is slowly revealed. This well-written book has made me want to reread Anne’s diary and see the movie Margot would have seen in 1959.

Our Road Trip North: complete with a couple of lunatics

February 21, 2014

lunaticsMy husband and I took a trip up north in mid-February to see the ice caves on Lake Superior. We had a wonderful time, both there and on the long drive north. We traveled about 800 miles in total, and I must say; I enjoyed my time in the car due to the great audiobook we heard.
Dave Barry and Alan Zwiebel’s book titled Lunatics is a riot. I laughed most of the way north, in spite of slippery roads and lots of traffic. It is rare that I can find an audiobook that appeals to both of us. This one was a winner.The story is about two guys who meet by chance at a soccer game where they get in a shouting match over an offsides call; from there their lives are thrown together from one mad catastrophe to another.  The guys are complete opposites; one a nice guy who plays by the rules and the other an arrogant “jerk.” The plot is insane. It is so convoluted and crazy that the only title possible for this book is Lunatics.   Please be aware the jerk in this story has a potty mouth and says pretty much everything your mother and mine told us not to say. You have been warned in this recommendation. Drive safely and laugh yourself silly!

Looking Forward to Spring

January 25, 2014

As the cold January wind continues to blow snow around, spring seems like a long time away.  We have definitely had our share of cold, snow and wind this winter.  Earlier this week when the wind chill warning was extended, a radio DJ joked that it was in effect through April.  So what do we do while we are waiting for spring? My thought was to do some reading and plan for a new addition to my garden.

I have always liked to plant flowers, bushes and trees in my yard. I love to sit outside in the morning with a cup of coffee and see the yard change through the seasons.  In the past, I have only attempted to grow a few things for eating.  I usually stick a couple of tomato plants in each year and I also put a few herbs in planters on the deck.  Now that my kids are grown, I have a little more time so I am ready to try a vegetable garden.

Most of my yard is on a slope so I need ideas to grow things in small spaces.  It didn’t take me long to find just what I was looking for at the library.  My first find was All New Square Foot Gardening: Grow More in Less Space! by Mel Bartholomew.  He has also published a 2nd edition that I placed on hold from another library in our system.  Both of these books show how to create raised garden beds and how to extend your space with vertical gardening.  I continued to search for additional books on vertical gardening and found a variety of great books.

I am still looking forward to warmer weather but now I have something to keep me busy until then.  Is there a new hobby that you would like more information on?  If so, don’t forget to stop at the library to find just the right book to help you get started.


Cooking for 2

October 4, 2013
Photo #431 - Crockpot

Photo #431 – Crockpot (Photo credit: Tammra McCauley)

When my kids were in grade school, college seemed so far away. I remember dreaming of days when the laundry hamper wasn’t always overflowing and the question, “Is there anything good to eat?” was asked a little less often. Now don’t get me wrong, I have always enjoyed being a mom and doing things for my family. However, I did remember a time in my life when I had a little more free time and thought wouldn’t that be nice again someday. Well someday is here.

When my youngest child went off to college in August, I have to say it was a transition that took some getting used to. I have always enjoyed coming home after work to see the rest of my family and catch up on our day during dinner. Many times, especially in the last four years, that dinner has been from the crockpot after basketball and baseball games. My collection of recipes had grown over the years to include many crockpot recipes that fed the family. Several of these recipes came from great cookbooks at the library.

When I was faced with the challenge of changing my cooking from “family sized” to “just for 2,” I again went looking at the library. I knew I could find great recipes on the internet but paging through cookbooks is much more appealing to me. I realized that there were lots of great sandwich recipes that worked well for 2. I started with what I found at the Fort Atkinson library and then placed some holds for books from other libraries. What I discovered was a variety of sandwiches including panini and wrap recipes.   To date my favorites have come from the book, Taste of Home Sandwiches, Wraps and More! I made a seafood salad recipe that was delicious and BBQ chicken quesadillas with a fantastic mango salsa.

I will continue to add to my “cooking for 2″ recipe collection so let me know if you have another good cookbook to suggest. I will also look forward to having the whole family home for a big Thanksgiving dinner this year. Since I always like to try something new, I am sure I will be browsing the shelves for something fun and delicious to add to that dinner.


My Reading History

August 7, 2013

Redhead SSOne thing I forgot to mention (!) in my last post regarding tools that you can use to help you remember things is our SHARE system’s ‘My Reading History’ service.  Once enabled, you can keep track of what you’ve checked out in the past.  That way if you can’t remember if you read something, the system will allow you to check to see BEFORE you take it home and get halfway through the first chapter.

It’s important to point out that due to privacy considerations, we do NOT track people’s reading history as the default.  In fact, libraries in this country have long been champions of privacy rights of individuals.  That’s particularly important to note in today’s world not only from a government surveillance standpoint but also from a commercial standpoint where so much of a person’s life is sold in an effort to collect marketing data.  Libraries believe that a person’s speech, research and exploration are private and that this privacy is critical to a democratic society.  You can read more about the issue of privacy and how that intersects with libraries here.  In Wisconsin, there is a state law that requires confidentiality of library records.  In short, we take your privacy very seriously.

But you might want to remember what you’ve read!  If that’s the case, we do offer a service called “My Reading History.”  It can be turned on and off…at your direction.  You can log into the system, go to your library account, and then look at your past checkouts.   It only lists them from the time you enable the service until the time you disable the service.  So you have full control of your list.

If you are interested in this service, please talk with a library staffer!


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